Let's be neighbors

A business as amazing as yours belongs in a community as awesome as ours.

Floataway Community features 100,000+ SF of creative, loft-warehouse office space tucked away in the Morningside / Woodland Hills neighborhood. Helmed by members of the same teams that later brought Ponce City Market and Westside Provisions District to Atlanta, our community pioneered  “creative office” before repurposed architecture was even a thing. We’re home to design agencies, university offshoots, technology innovators, health and wellness practices, scrappy startups, and everything in between. Join us!

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We've been "post-covid" since before COVID-19 existed

It’s cracking us up how every office development in town is suddenly pivoting, trying to come up with reasons why their overpriced tower is still a great place to work. Floataway Community has been pro-fresh air from the start. From the huge park in our backyard to the ample outdoor meeting and seating options placed around our campus, we’ve always offered the advantages everyone suddenly seems to be seeking: private entrances, private bathrooms, drive-up access, operable windows, skylights, high ceilings and well-ventilated, low-touch common areas.

1075 Zonolite

1075 is our hidden gem — tucked away at the end of Zonolite Road with its own shady trail into Zonolite Park and a mulched path that makes walking to Z Cafe and the rest of our community a delight. Each suite has its own restroom(s) and private, direct-access entrance. There are also additional patio opportunities available.

1123 Zonolite

1123 is our nerve center, home to both Z Cafe, Floataway Cafe, and our largest concentration of indoor and outdoor common area space. It was the first building in our community and features operable windows in most suites, as well as 16-20′ ceiling heights and tons of skylights. Many suites in 1123-B also feature mezzanines for conferencing or executive offices.

1145 Zonolite

1145 brings the razzle-dazzle. The barrel-roofed, butler-style construction gives most suites soaring 25+ ceiling heights, and the spaces are flooded with natural light from skylights and dozens of oversized, storefront-style windows. Its back doors open to Zonolite Park’s meadow, making those inevitable work-related primal scream moments not only possible, but downright pleasant.